Published Work

Two days after I turned eighteen, I started working full-time; a decision I love and hate in equal measure. Because of the head start, thankfully, in the last many years, I found the time and courage to explore different industries and to experiment with several lines of work. Writing for newspapers was one among them. While I have now returned to a corporate job that’s a world away from the sort of writing (which is fiction) I intend to do, I enjoyed a brief stint working as a copy editor at Deccan Chronicle and as a senior correspondent at Silverscreen. During my time there, I wrote features on culture, art, and books, reported Kollywood news, interviewed people from diverse backgrounds, and raved and ranted about Tamil movies in my reviews. And, some of my personal essays on mental health, gender, and relationships were published by Unboxed Writers.

Here are some links for you to read when the spirit moves you:
(These stories may not be reproduced anywhere without Silverscreen‘s, Deccan Chronicle‘s, and Unboxed Writers’ permission. Please feel free to use this page’s URL, though.)

Interviews for Silverscreen India:
Siddharth, actor
Sonakshi Sinha, actor
Mysskin, filmmaker
K Viswanath, a National Award-winning filmmaker and a recipient of Nandi and Filmfare Awards
Vivek, actor and comedian
RK Shanmugam, the writer of MGR’s memorable dialogues
Sruti Harihara Subramanian, a National Award-winning filmmaker
The Team Behind Fully Filmy
CS Amudhan, filmmaker
K Rajeshwar, filmmaker
Magilzh Thirumeni, filmmaker
Ghibran, music director
Sachu, veteran actor
Amala, actor
Manushya Puthiran, writer

Features for Silverscreen India:
The RC Sakthi Digest
The Rudhraiya Tribute
The SS Rajendran Tribute
The Tale of Idoh, A Canine Star

Features and Interviews for Deccan Chronicle:
Seizing The Day, an interview with actor Sivakarthikeyan
The Art of Violin Maintenance, an interview with James Wimmer, a professional violin-maker
The Real Scene-Stealers, a feature on editors in Indian cinema
Sister Act Comes of Age, an interview with Priya Sisters, Carnatic singers
Namma Chennai Turns Hero, a feature on books set in Chennai
Find Time To Do What You Love, an interview with author Durjoy Dutta
Predictability is An Actor’s Death, an interview with actor Ganesh Venkatraman
I Want To Do Masala Films Too, an interview with the National-award winning actor Priya Mani

Some personal stories which can be found at Unboxed Writers:
A Lesson in Slow Travelling, a story about Theni
F is For Forgiveness, some thoughts on hurt and forgiveness
A Tribute to Madras
In The Time of Floods, some meditations on the flood that ravaged Chennai in 2015

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